Volunteer with BDRA

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is always in need of new volunteers.   Please fill out our Volunteer Application if you are interested in helping us.  Once you have been added as a BDRA volunteer, you will be invited to join the BDRA Google Groups, where the most current information and needs are posted.  You are able to choose how often you wish to be notified of the messages from these groups.

Of course, we always need foster homes to take in dogs until we can find a forever home for them. But even if you can't foster, we still need your help!  We need people to monitor transports, answer emails, check references on applications, set up a table at events to talk about BDRA, research fundraising opportunities, and much more! 

Volunteer opportunities are posted regularly and several teams always have a need. Please consider reaching out even if you don’t have direct experience.  Team Leaders will be happy to guide you!  

 For a list and description of BDRA's Teams, please go to the Teams page.


BDRA holds All-Volunteer Meetings via Zoom as needed.  Volunteers are invited to join in and to ask any questions or share any concerns.  A meeting summary is sent to the membership after each meeting.   
There are also more informal Zoom “chats” for all who wish to attend.   Members seem to enjoy both opportunities, and we look forward to many more!  Please email volunteer@blinddogrescue.org if you have any questions about volunteering.