Chow Chow Mix
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Update, January 2024:

Kristoff had his annual exam and got a good report. He was rechecked for heartworms and it came back NEGATIVE!!  He does need to work on losing 20lbs., so food has been changed to senior weigh management and his exercise has been increased. Kristoff has always been a reluctant walker, but has improved significantly (he is still nervous with others walking him, but is now comfortable with me).

During his recent eye exam his eye health has remained stable, so we will continue with daily ketorolac drops. Dr also did a “test” to see if latanoprost would help shrink his pupils and it worked, so we are now adding those drops nightly. Kris still acts like I’m trying to murder him when I give him the drops, but we work it out. Follow-up in 6 months. While the goal is to keep his lenses in place so no surgery is required (there is no helping his vision), we did get a remarkable result with the latanoprost - his eyes cleared up for the day! 

Kris is happy and thriving. He still has extreme anxiety with any kind of travel (getting him in and out of a car is pretty darned awful and he resists being in the carrier the whole drive). He also still tries to break thru the gate/crate if home alone, but as long as there isn’t another dog in the house and he can be lose, he has been doing ok and not causing any damage.


Meet Kristoff (aka Kris, Little Man)!

This precious pup is a chow mix, approximately 9 years old. But don’t let his age or blindness (he is blind due to cataracts) fool you, he is a spry, happy go lucky guy who can sure pour on the puppy dog eyes! When he wakes up he will do a happy dance to start the day (whether it is because he is so happy to greet his people or because it is time for breakfast is up for debate) and his joyfulness continues throughout the day (he is equally enthusiastic about bedtime!). Although his happiness abounds, he is mostly an easy going fellow and is content to enjoy the simple pleasures: his meals, leisurely strolls through the yard, chewing a bone, enjoying a cookie and most importantly, being near his people as much as possible. He is a low maintenance boy, doesn’t require a lot of walking and would thrive most in a laid back environment with someone patient, who doesn’t mind talking a lot (your voice will help guide him) and who can give him helpful hints to help him on his way (like “bump” warnings, etc).

Kris can become a bit jumpy when scared or unsure, but trusting his people fixes that. The world can be a scary place when you can’t see, but most of the time he takes it in stride. He moves slowly to find his way and needs to build trust so he can feel safe. Luckily he is very smart and a fast learner (he learned how to find and use his foster’s doggy door within a day & lets himself in and out, and quickly learned “sit” and now enthusiastically sits on his own to wait for his meals). He doesn’t always love getting leashed, but he does follow along (happily, once he trusts the person on the other end) and he is definitely not a fan of car rides. Kris gets a little protective over food & treats and will give a warning grumble but he is otherwise ok with other dogs, he just isn’t too interested in them. Unsure about cats or kids. But we all have our things, right?

This well behaved boy is content to sit in his room or crate, patiently waiting, and loves a routine that allows for lots of rests and doggy massages on request. The yard is his happy place. And above all else, this fellow is a pure joy to be around. If you have the time and patience to help this little man navigate the world, you will soon realize that you are very blessed to have this bundle of love by your side!

The one thing I’d want people to know about him is this:  Kristoff is the embodiment of Happiness! This little man is filled with joy in everything he does. His tail waggle is ever present and he does a happy dance regularly. He truly is a joy and just wants to be where you are. 

Initially he wasn’t loosing much fur because he was saving it up for his full-blown fur blowing event! Not only is he blowing his undercoat, but he is loosing all of his outer fur - the likes of which I’ve never seen. 😂 I don’t want to mislead anyone…he definitely sheds!
About me
Sex:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes

Breed:  Chow Chow Mix
Mixed Breed:  Yes

Age:  Senior
Date of Birth:  12/08/2014

Weight:  51 lbs.
Size when grown:  Large (50-70 lbs.)

House trained:  Yes
Good with other dogs:  He is indifferent but can get grumbly or snappy over food/treats.
Good with cats:  Unknown
Good with children:  Unknown
health information
Heartworm Test:  Negative
Vision:  Completely Blind
Cause:  Hypermature cataracts, permanent retina damage (on daily drops to prevent further eye damage)
Currently fostered in Conroe, TX
Transportation is available.

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