Hi, My name is Nigel and I’m told I’m the best boy ever by my foster mom. Not long ago I lived in South Carolina but some nice people scooped me up from wandering close to a road and before I knew it I was in Pennsylvania living with some foster brothers and sisters. I was taken to the vet right away and found out that I am a pretty healthy boy with a slight heart murmur of 2 out of 6 but it doesn’t bother me and I don’t need any medication. I had to have all of my teeth pulled because they were pretty nasty but it didn’t slow me down when it comes to eating my canned Purina Pro Plan and I feel so much better! I’m also finishing up some ear medicine for a slight infection I had in my left ear. The pressure in both my eyes is excellent and I am completely blind from cataracts. I’m so excited to meet my new forever family! I’ll let my foster mom tell you more about me.

Nigel definitely is the best boy! He is gentle, quiet, easy-going, healthy and LOVES to cuddle. He lives with several other dogs, males and females of varying sizes and energy levels and does well with all of them with the exception of not enjoying the playfulness of his little 9 month old brother but he simply walks away and does not get aggressive. He lives with 2 cats and is very indifferent with them as well. He does well with people of all ages who treat him gently and with respect.

Nigel is a healthy and slim 17 pounds but is fairly tall for a min poodle, with long legs. He is learning stairs and can now maneuver the few to get off the deck and then to the upper yard and back down.
Nigel can walk on a leash but doesn’t seem like he has a lot of experience taking walks. He enjoys having free run of his secure yard and can find his way out and back in but often needs to be brought back in because he loves investigating and walking around outside.

He appears to be totally blind and also house trained and did well the first several days until he “saw” and smelled that a few of the other dogs go in the house and he thought he could join in. Because of that, he is kept in an xpen when his foster mom is not home and he’s never eliminated in there and goes right away when taken outside. It’s almost certain that he would love to sleep in bed with his foster mom but her bed is very high and the floor is hardwood so he sleeps downstairs for his safety, cuddled in his xpen with a bed and blankets. He seeks his foster mom out when she is in the living room and falls asleep quickly on her lap with a few other pups.

If you are looking for a calm, easy-going love-bug, this boy is the one for you!
About me
Sex:  Male
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes

Breed:  Poodle
Mixed Breed:  No

Age:  Senior
Date of Birth:  1/25/2015

Weight:  17 lbs.
Size when grown:  Small

House trained:  Yes

Good with other dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes
Good with children:  Yes
health information
Heartworm Test:  Negative
Vision:  Completely Blind
Cause:  Cataracts
Notes:  Completely blind from cataracts.
Pressure in both eyes is very good.
Heart murmur of 2/6.
All teeth extracted during dental.
Needs no medications.
Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA
Transportation is available.

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